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Dog treats are an important part of training and socializing puppies and dogs. They're also a great way to reward good behavior in older dogs. As some of the commercial chicken jerky is not made out of pure chicken, worse, some even add fillers to increase its weight.
Furthermore, commercial chicken jerky sometimes comes with synthetic chemicals increase the product's appeal. All these when consumed for long-term have detrimental effects on our dog's health. This recipe uses beef jerky as a base ingredient, so it's perfect for people who love beef jerky but don't want to make it themselves. It's also easy to customize with different flavors and ingredients.
We choose to be different. All our sources of meat are all human-grade, which means that they are meant for human consumption. Hence they will have to pass rigorous regulatory checks impose by Singapore's agriculture and food authority. These guarantee the quality of our products. Furthermore, we handpick meat only from those farms in which the chicken are raised in accordance to the guidelines from their respective authorities. We literally go down to the market in the wee hours of the morning to handpick the best parts of the chicken to provide you the best quality possible.  Lastly, we do not add any preservative to increase product life-time. Although this seems counterintuitive, however, we stand by our belief to have zero added artificial chemicals in our products.
We are committed to delivering the best quality to you!

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Posted By Ah Chye Pet Treats Pte Ltd / November 17, 2022

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