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Buy Wholesale Lumber. Select from more than 50 species of exotic timber sustainably harvested from African forest and sawn with precise modern machinery, air dried or kiln dried, carefully graded into FAS or AIC quality and supplied in random measurements or cut exactly to customer specification and customization. Browse bellow to Buy Wholesale Lumber by placing a Quote to begin a long term purchase partnership.
About Us: African Forest Timber Ltd was established in 2014 but local legend says it started even before that by family elder brother Nken M as a freelancer chain saw operator.  In 2013, Mr. Angelou decided to resign as director of IT resources at M-Tech South Africa to start a sustainable first lumber business specializing in the sale of fine-quality African hardwoods. His interest in hardwoods comes from his upbringing in the West African rain forest village, where each school break holidays was a spectacular moment to taw the rain forest. He later received his diploma in basic forestry and bee keeping at the university of Pretoria.The greater  part of his life as a kid till university was assiting his father in freelancing chain saw operations in the rain forest. So trees were always a part of Angelou’s life.
Initially, he tried to store and sell a limited supply of hardwoods from his garage at his home at the city of Limbe, but he quickly found space to be a critical problem. When he had the opportunity to purchase a small warehouse building just outside of town, he jumped at the chance, even though he could not afford it. He sold his house and moved into a small room at on the property so he could buy the building to store more hardwoods (increasing inventory) and have a woodworking area.
Most of his business was directed to the local community, although he did (and we still do) receive orders from as far away as North Region. Each day brought a new request for the company back then and it still does for African Forest Timber Ltd today. In 2014 when African Forest Timber bought if first mobile saw mill (Lucas Mill to expand the services and product line, while making custom milling and personalized customer service a cornerstone of the business. Now African Forest Timber Ltd operate multiple mobile saw mills from West to Centre Africa with large sander, mills, jointer, planer, saws, and chain saws African Forest Timber Ltd can produce just about anything from custom trim to table/counter tops to dimensional lumber in any African rain forest tree species and almost any size you choose.

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