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Concertina Wire

 Concertina Wire
Galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate punched into certain forms then attached to the steel wire in sharp angle to form the blades. The products offer beautiful appearance, economic cost, good frightening result and easy installation. Sharp blades coming in the form of concertina by buckles bring very good result of frightening and stopping to the aggressive perimeter intruders.

Galvanized Concertina Wire

Crossed razor barbed wire
Two pieces of galvanized razor wire or zinc-coated razor wire were bounded together by clips to make it more strenth. The spiral  intersecting barbed wire presents an intersecting shape after opening with beautiful practicality.

Single coil razor barbed wire
Single coil barbed tape wire is installed without clips,it runs in natural loops on walls. Costless and can be easily installed.

Galvanized Concertina Wire

Hot Dipped Galvanized Concertina Wire
Concertinawire is formed with crossed lines of razor wire. It is fixed by steel clips atcertain distances. The crossed coils of concertina wire forms maximum safetyfencing for military uses and prison uses. It can be mobile barriers movinganywhere.
Hot Dipped Galvanized Concertina Wire

KDY manufactures and sells the following concertina wire coils for mounting spiral of Security Barrier, specifically, reinforced twisted wire ribbon and concertina wire reinforced with barbed tape) Concertina Coils, which are intended to create a highly efficient barricade and used as a temporary engineering (mobile ) or permanent (stationary) fencing for installation on land or on already existing fence.

Twisted wire reinforced tape is a voluminous concertina transformed construction of the cutting profile, from galvanized steel strips 0,5-0,55 mm thick, with double-edged, symmetrically located blades. The design has many degrees of freedom and therefore combines along with cutting effect.

Spiral Concertina Security Barrier is applied for fencing perimeters of protected sites in residential zones. It is in two rows, and packed together in parallel with each other, in the form of passive barriers, bonded with each other.

To protect the highly dangerous objects, concertina wire coils are recommended for use in combination with other remedies, for example, the alarm - and then a violator will have no chances.

Razor Wire coils are relatively inexpensive means of protection, but its reliability is tested for decades. Galvanized steel materials have a long service life for several tens of years. Concertina coil is easily assembled, which allows it to be used not only on stationary, but at the temporary facilities - for example, in defending a territory from aggressive crowds, etc. Spiral concertina wire fence can be used repeatedly and it can fold easily.

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Posted By KDY Concertina Razor Wire Factory / October 12, 2021

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