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Different box designs for Bath Bomb Packaging that make impact

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Unique structural designs of boxes always carry importance because they bring a touch of class in product packaging. No matter how dull looking product you are selling, the unique design will always make your brand and product different from the other present at the retail shelves. Bath bombs have become very popular and their demand is increasing day by day. This is why the competition among the manufacturers is gradually increasing. If you are new into this business you have to come up with creative designs for Bath Bomb Packaging to get the ball rolling for your new business. If you are looking for the design ideas of boxes, below are some suggested designs for bath bomb boxes.

Two Piece Boxes

The most common and attractive style of bath bomb boxes is two piece style. It consists of a removable lid and base to carry 4 to 8 bath bombs in it depending on the size of the bath bombs. The spherical shape of bath bombs allow them to roll inside the box so there is a need to make the box exactly to the size, so that the bath bombs cannot move inside the packaging. Also, two piece boxes of bath bombs are used for gift giving as they can be easily decorated with add-on's and special embellishments. When luxury bath bombs are sold they are packed inside two piece boxes that makes them look more elegant and special.

Cube Boxes

For packaging of single bath bombs, cube boxes are designed with the size of the product desired to pack in the box. They are mostly used to sell on the grocery and bath & body shops and have a seal end bottom that makes them protective. Bath bombs can be heavy and box must have enough strength to bear the weight of it. Therefore, a tuck end design with seal end bottom is used which is perfect to carry heavier bath bomb easily. Also due to spherical shape, bath bomb can roll so boxes are made to the exact size that tightly pack the product inside and restrict their movement.

4 & 6 Compartments Boxes

When multiple bath bombs are desired to pack inside a single box, then different compartments are made that look beautiful and organized. Especially in the case of bath bomb, boxes for 4 and 6 pieces are designed specially that accommodate them in a stylish way. The box can be two piece or hinged style but is perfect to use for bath bomb display and for shipping as well. Compartments or sections in the box keeps the spherical bath fizzes organized and stop them from rolling. Hence, it makes them perfect to use for shipping and transportation. Not only that, these boxes are also used for gift packaging of bath bombs because of their impressive look.

Die cut Window Boxes

Die cut windows on the cardboard boxes look mesmerizing and add to the beauty of the product. Window boxes are widely used in cosmetics, electronics, apparel and food industry for packaging and for bath bombs, they are a wonderful option too. Whether you are using cube boxes or two piece boxes for the packaging of bath bombs, you always have to option to get die cut window on them. It will enhance the outlook of your product and will create more chances of sales as customers would be watching the product through the transparent patch. Plus, there is the facility of making the window in any shape or style. You can make simple round window or make it stylish by opting for heart shape or any other style you like.

Pentagon Boxes

Pentagon boxes have 5 sides and are unique in their own way because they need high quality machinery and skills to manufacture them. Due to the complex design, they are expensive but on the other hand they look totally unique and beautiful as well. So, if you are looking to go totally unique with your packaging, then pentagon boxes are the best option. You can customize them for packaging of single bath bomb and also for multiple of them.

Display Boxes

When it comes to product showcasing, nothing better than display boxes can do it for you. Unlike the display Soap Packaging, bath bomb boxes are designed with flat base without any shelves because they are spherical and can easily roll down. Therefore, bath bomb boxes are designed in exact size and with the appropriate dimensions to get effective results. If you are new manufacturer of bath bombs then you must use display boxes as they can promote your brand and showcase products in a stylish way.

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