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Enhance your food safety management system by preventing food contamination in your organization by adopting HACCP Certification in Maldives

What is HACCP Certification?

HAACP Certification acts as a gateway to food safety by preventing the food from any contamination by chemical, microbial, or physical hazard or risks along with the food chain supply. HACCP method is an internationally accepted method for identifying and managing food safety. HACCP Plan for the food industry and other food-related vendors is a quality plan to provide safe and quality food to the public and the end-user. The effective implementation of the HACCP system will enhance and improve the ability as well as the scope of an organization to identify and control food safety hazards that may occur within the food business.

Today, many of the world’s best manufacturers, vendors, etc. use the system of HACCP to enhance and improve the food management system as s a basis for their food safety management programs and compliance with Government regulations. For the modern-day customer, basic food safety principles applied in the processing and handling of food are no longer enough. Industry standards have far exceeded regulatory requirements to complete customer needs. The demand for increasing levels of food safety efficacy systems has several reasons behind it. The most important is ”consumers’ health” should never be compromised by consuming adequate food. Further seven principles of HAACP in HACCP guidelines are described as:

  1. Conduct Hazard Analysis to identify where significant dangers are likely
  2. Identify and determine CCPs to mitigate food hazards
  3. Establish Critical limits representing min/max values needed at CCPs
  4. Plan to monitor CCPs
  5. Identify steps to both correct problems and prevent reoccurrence
  6. Verify the HACCP Plan is working as it should be
  7. Establish detailed and comprehensive record-keeping/documentation procedure

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