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Started in 1974, Steel Recon Industries Sdn Bhd (SRI) is a proudly Malaysian company, which provides a comprehensive series of fire preventing goods, hardware and technology strategies with the help of a large network of suppliers in over 70 countries. SRI's offerings are certified by worldwide standard boards which include VdS, LPCB, BSI, UL and Sai Global, drawing attention to their dedication to providing the most reputable firefighting services tailored for worldwide demands.

A fire fighting system is a fundamental aspect of any fire protection infrastructure. 'Fire suppression' is a cumulative terminology for any engineering group of systems that are constructed to put out a fire. This can be fulfilled by putting on an extinguishing element which include water, foam, or chemical compositions. This article uncovers the series of applications within a fire suppression technique, so site staffs and building operators can start to comply with fire safety policies and provide comfort to building residents and tenants alike.

How does a FM200 fire suppression system function? A fire suppression system will have integral parts to sense fires as early as possible. These parts will primarily recognize the existence of flames and smoke. The suppression system will then initiate an alarm, so the blaze can be subdued prior to it has the probability to spread. A fire suppression system can be considered an 'active' fire defense strategy due to the fact that the system is triggered in response to the presence of fire.

All SRI's products are manufactured in our advanced establishments which make it possible for them to generate quality goods at more competitive prices and likewise permits us the versatility to address specific needs. Visit sri.com.my to get more information about fire suppression systems and other fire defense equipment. SRI goods can be found in airports, petrochemical plants, manufacturing facilities, aeroplane hangars, arenas and hotels throughout the world. Their vision is simply to safeguard lives by leading the battle against fire.

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Posted By Steel Recon Industries / June 16, 2022

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