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Action Films are the leading end-to-end media and post production service provider in Oman. Our team of talented professionals ensures a seamless filming experience for international clients, production houses and filmmakers. Due to our deep understanding of local nuances and deftness in tackling on-ground challenges, numerous global production houses and filmmakers have enlisted our services as Local Producer for world-class content spanning various industry sectors.


We produce films that acts as a collateral for exploring new markets thereby achieving more mileage than a corporate brochure. Depending on the budgets and requirements of our clients we shoot in all formats like Betacam, DVcam, DVC PRO, HD etc. Availability of a highly skilled resource pool and talents represents the strength that we bring into every assignment.

Corporate Films:

Corporate Films acts as a collateral for exploring new markets and in turn achieves more effectiveness than a corporate brochure. Action Films produces films that defines the organization’s personality in terms of history, manufacturing process, mission statement, product mix etc.

HSE Induction Films:

Companies especially, in the Middle East give significant priority for the employee’s health, safety and work environment. Organizations take extra efforts to create maximum awareness about the do’s and dont’s within a plant/factory/refinery. Action Films has contributed to this awareness exercise by producing Induction Films highlighting the HSE norms to be maintained and also gives prominent significance to the consequences involved for not following these procedures.

TV Commercials:

In the current market scenario, advertisements are considered as the arsenal in marketing warfare. Successful advertisements ensure returns on every penny that is spent. We are equipped to produce all kinds of ad films to suit the customer’s product and budget.

Documentary Films:

A documentary film depicts the facts rather than subject or style. Producing documentary is a complex craft as any other creative endeavor, demanding several layers and focuses mainly on the overall intention. Action Films has the required expertise in producing documentary films that teaches as well as appeals to the audience.

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Posted By Action Films / July 17, 2024

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