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Aichi Hospital Ltd, a Japan Bangladesh joint venture hospital, situated at Uttara, Dhaka for the last 15 years. It was started by the kind support of a few but highly dedicated group of Japanese friends named Japan Bangladesh Cooperative Society (JBCS). JBCS was formed in Nagoya city in March 1995 leaded by Mr. Shizuo Yamada, a Rotary president of Nagoya.

From the Japanese side, Mrs. Etsuko Yamada, Mrs. Yoshiko Matsui, Mrs. Yoko Kobayashi, Mrs. Motoko Fujikawa. Mrs. Kazue Ieda, Mrs. Sakiko Kamata, Mrs. Chikako Kani, Mr. and Mrs. Yokoyama, Mr. & Mrs. Enya and Mr. Kuroda playing the key role to form and continue JBCS and for the establishment of Aichi Hospital. We are highly grateful to all of them. JBCS is now headed by Mrs. Etsuko Yamada and Mrs. Matsui, the leader of JBCS.

Now JBCS is a very popular organization both in Japan and Bangladesh as a volunteer organization, who are supporting Aichi Hospital in Dhaka and thousands of poor peoples who are getting free medical service and treatment. More than 200 peoples have got employed and their families are continuously getting service from this hospital.

Late Kanis Tania, who loved Aichi like her kids, took all the responsibility in 1996 to build up this institution and every step of development to buy the land and development of the land and to raise the funds, she always played an important role. We pray for peace for her departed soul.

In the beginning to establish Aichi Hospital, Kanis Tania Sweety and Dr. Moazzem Hossain request our friends to do a program in Kinrofugin Center of Tsurumai, Nagoya on April 30, 1995. Mrs. Matsui, Mrs. Kawabe, Mrs. Kobayashi, Mrs. Fujikawa, Mrs. Ieda, Mrs. Kamata, Mr. Kuwahara, Mrs. Etsuko Ito and Mrs. Mouri, Mrs. Hiraro of Gitanjali, all played very important roles for the success of our program. We have made it done. More than 200 Japanese peoples came there and enjoyed our program, orientation of Bangladesh and Bangladeshi culture, Sharee show, Bangla curry cooking program etc. We sold Aarong products, sharee, salowar kamiz and fotua in that program and collected some money. That was the beginning and after that we have done more than 100 programs in different cities of Aichi prefecture. Japanese volunteers were always supporting us to arrange programs and we collect fund for the establishment of Aichi Hospital in Dhaka. From the bottom of our heart, we like to thank Mr. Yamada, Mrs. Kani, Mrs. Hirai, Mrs. Naito form Inazawa city, Mrs. Yokoyama, Mrs. Watanabe and Mrs. Ando for their great contribution. Mrs. Sasa, my Japanese mother, became the highest donor to build up the hospital. We are grateful to her.

By this time, I, Dr. Moazzem Hossain, Managing Director of Aichi Hospital Ltd, completed my PhD from Nagoya University School of Medicine and learned the latest technology from my beloved teachers, guide and colleague Prof. Ando, Prof. Takahiro Ito and Prof. Shionoya who made him a Pediatric Surgeon. We also like to thank Dr. Watanabe- our guide, Dr. Murahashi- our best well-wisher, Dr. Seo, Dr. Umeda, Dr. Kaneko, Dr. Niwa and Dr. Nagaya for their continuous support.


Prof. Ito and Prof. Ando taught me pediatric surgery practically in the OT and Prof. Ando specially guide us skillfully if we face any problem. We would like thank them from the bottom of our heart.

We started our own mission, rented a four storied building at Sector-07, Uttara, Dhaka on January 15, 1996 and the opening ceremony of Aichi Shishu Hospital was inaugurated by our national Professor M. R, Khan on May 20, 1996. At the beginning, it was a 10 bed hospital having outdoor, indoor service and volunteer service for the poor. Sweety and me have tried day and night to know the peoples of Uttara and nearby areas to introduce Aichi by arranging clinical seminars, symposiums, volunteer clinics, etc. Day by day Aichi became a popular service oriented hospital among the poor and the middle class peoples. Every Friday we gave volunteer service to the poor people in different area of Uttara with the leadership of Mr. Noriharu Kuroda, a JBCS volunteer who spent 2 years and 4 months in Bangladesh to serve the poor people and to Aichi Hospital for a better future. Initially Dr. Nurun Nahar, Dr. Hosne Ara, Dr. Jesmin Akter, Dr. Atiqur Rahman, Prof. Rowshon Ali and Prof. Ruhul Amin continuously support us to build up Aichi Hospital.

In March 1997, we expanded our volunteer activities to Balujhuri Primary School near Uttara on every Friday and still we are continuing this service. Day by day we expanded our volunteer activities in Tongi college gate, Kaligonj, Tumulia, Khilkhet, Dumni, Nagarkanda, Faridpur, etc. where more than 2 doctors observed the patients. 3 nurses took care of them, 2 staffs distributed the medicine and the 3 staffs helped the patients always to move in a car. We referred the serious patients to Aichi and treated them and if necessary operated them free of cost. We have treated more than 1 lac free patients for the last 15 years. For this great contribution to the society in Uttara, Tongi, Kaligonj, Khilkhet and nearby areas, as a Managing Director, I was honoured by “Stephani Renato Award” in Japan for the improvement of rural health service in Bangladesh.

In the year 1999, we have shifted our hospital from sector- 07 to sector- 06 of Uttara and expanded our hospital service with a new dimension. Hospital beds were increased upto 75 having all medical subspecialties like internal medicine, Nephrology, Cardiology, General Surgery, Urology, Neurology, ENT, Eye, Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Neonatology, etc.

Kita Rotary Club of Nagoya, Midori Lions Club in Inazawa city, Mr. Hasegawa, Baba Kikai of Nagoya donated some medical equipment to Aichi Hospital. JBCS members received hundreds of medical beds and used machine from Nagoya City University Hospital, Chubu Rousai Hospital, Wakayama Rousai Hospital, Yogo Lady’s Clinic and some big hearted Japanese helped us to send those beds and machines to Aichi Hospital. We are highly grateful to them for their great contribution. Mrs. Kikue Masuda is one of them. Mr. Noriharu Kuroda, Mr. Kuwahara, Mr. Hosoya, Mr. Oda, Mr. Ieda, Mrs. Suzuki, Mrs. Morisaki and Mrs. Matsui always played a very important role to send these medical goods to Aichi Hospital from Japan.

After 2000, Aichi became a popular hospital in Uttara having more than 300 hundred patients in the outdoor and occupying indoor patients more than 95% per day. Aichi Hospital Ltd. is one of the vast service oriented hospitals in Uttara. Some of our respected consultants are giving huge support to our institution like Prof. Dr. Ratu Rumana, Dr. Masum Kamal Khan, Prof. Dr. Anwarul Islam Choudhury, Prof. Dr. Selim Bhuya, Dr. Rozi Parveen, Dr. Mobarak Ali, Prof. Dr. Jafarullah Chowdhury, Dr. Mofizuddin, Dr. Ziauddin Haider, Dr. Col. Siddiqur Rahman, Dr. Babor, Dr. Aminul Rahman, Dr. Sharmin Yasmin and so on. We are highly grateful to them for their kind cooperation and continuous support to Aichi Hospital. Some of the doctors refer patients continuously to Aichi Hospital for the last 15 years. Prominent among them are Dr. Khondokar Hasibur Rahman, Dr. Imdadul Huq, Dr. Azizul Islam.

Day by day our patients are increasing. There was accommodation problem, so we plan to shift Aichi Hospital from Sector 6 to our own campus in Sector 8. In the mean time, by the grace of Almighty Allah we have established East West Medical College, Update Dental College and East West Nursing Institute with the support of Aichi Hospital, Al Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. and JBCS of Japan. Some of our Japanese friends, especially Mrs. Yasuko Yano and Mrs. Yokoyama, donate books for our library. Foundation of the hospital was started by our beloved Director, Aichi Hospital Ltd, Late Kanis Tania Sweety on April 16, 2009.  

To build up Aichi Hospital, some Japanese friends, specially Mrs. Mouri, Mrs. Kobayashi, Mrs. Yamada, Mr. Kuroda and Prof. Matsui gave us more than 1 crore taka as a loan to buy the land from RAJUK. Al Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. of Bangladesh gave us 10 crore taka to build up the hospital. We are grateful to them. We are also grateful to Mr. Naoaki Nonobe, Inazawa City Parliament Member and our chief Japanese advisor, for his great contribution to build up Aichi Hospital. He had tried always to collect fund from different Japanese organization, especially from Lion Club of Japan. We like to thank Mr. Mizuno, President of Midori Lions Club for his kind donation to Aichi Hospital.

Last 15 years under the roof of Aichi Hospital, we have done a lot of works. More than 1 lac patients were admitted to our hospital and received intensive care from our staffs. Twenty three medical officers, over 42 consultants, 100+ nurses and other staffs are working day and night to serve the patients. Right now we are giving service to more than 500 indoor patients every month. Among the doctors, Dr. Arif, Dr. Siddique, Dr. Siddartho, Dr. Khairul, Dr. Milon, Dr. Emon and Dr. Mohsin have played important roles for the development of Aichi Hospital. We are really very grateful to them. 

Last 15 years we have operated 37,980 patients out of 1,02,445 admitted patients in our hospital where 16,362 patients had Gynecological and Obstetric problem; 1032 pediatric surgery and others; 10,211 different surgical problems.

Aichi is a popular hospital for Laparoscopic surgery and also for latest technological procedure. Last year we had operated 1352 laparoscopic surgery in our hospital. It is a highly equipped modern hospital having skilled manpower. Doctors of Uttara, Tongi and nearby areas refer complicated cases to Aichi Hospital and we always try to give the best support to those patients. Some of our dedicated consultants like Dr. Ratu Rumana, spend huge time for the patients and serve them day and night as a part of humanity service. We are grateful to all of them who have spent a long time with Aichi Hospital for its development creative work.

Our new administrative authority have taken steps to modernize Aichi Hospital, made it more popular and improved the quality of our service. Mrs. Ulfat Jahan Moon, our new Director, has brought the institute in a new shape with the help of Dr. S M Ariful Huq (Executive Director, Hospital Management & Operation), Md. Nurul Amin (General Manager) and Mr. M H Khan Tapan (Manager, Accounts & Finance). We are highly grateful to them.

For our humanitarian service to our peoples, as a Managing Director, I have achieved some awards. Bangladesh Journalism Award 1999, Abdul Alim Foundation Award 2005, Stephani Renato Medical Award 2009 are my great achievement in the field of rural health development of Bangladeshi peoples. In our printing and electronic media, our social activities have been published elaborately and spontaneously. We are also very grateful to them.

Our inauguration and 15th anniversary of Aichi Hospital Ltd. was held on January 15, 2011 on its own building with new dimension and outlook. We moved boldly to attain specific goals in healthcare sector of our country. Our new hospital has been equipped with all the latest facilities along with latest technologies so that the poor, helpless as well as the rich can have an easy and comfortable access to our healthcare service. We have tried our best to keep intact our reputation so long we have earned through dedication to our service, being honest to the patients and proving professionalism through our knowledge. Peoples are not for us rather we are for our peoples.

Our mission 2015 is to make Aichi the most popular service oriented community hospital with high class diagnostic facilities in Bangladesh, whom people can trust and depend on.


Dr. Moazzem Hossain

MBBS (Dhaka), PhD (Japan), STPS (England)

Managing Director

Aichi Hospital Ltd.

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Posted By Aichi Hospital / October 18, 2021

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