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Ajwan hotels in salalah

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Ajwan Hotel Apartments is a charming property overlooking the exquisiteness of Salalah’s natural beauty. Located centrally in the city, this picturesque property offers 126 Rooms ranging from stylish 2 Bedroom to 4 Bedroom apartments that have been furnished with modern facilities that give both business and leisure guests, the flexibility of living in a space like home.

Al Siraj Holdings LLC was established with a vision to promote, develop and encourage entrepreneurial instincts by providing strategic investments in key industries and contributing to the overall economic and social development of the people of Sultanate of Oman. With Al Siraj, passion for excellence is a way of life, innovation is a tradition, commitments to values is unshaken and customer loyalty is abiding, enabling the group to achieve an impressive business growth, build a healthy, qualitative and strong portfolio through focused marketing, impeccable delivery and high level of efficiency. Founded by the business visionary, (Late) Mr. Mohamed Rashid Abdullah Al Fannah Al Araimi, today the Al Siraj Group is made up of more than 15 companies and affiliated businesses spread across various countries. The group is engaged in diverse activities like construction, oil drilling, manufacturing, higher education, tourism, hospitality, trading, and technology etc.

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Posted By Ajwan hotels in salalah / July 10, 2024

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