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Architects Pacific, headquarters, Suva, Fiji; was conceived and founded in the early 70’s by Stuart and Gillian Huggett Implementing an organic growth strategy, Architects Pacific has grown to become one of the largest architectural studios in Fiji, and the greater, South Pacific. Continually growing and expanding, Architects Pacific opened a studio in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2010.The commitment and pride of Architects Pacific staff in their collective achievements are the foundations of this successful architects practice. Continuing the organic growth is a decision all staff adhere to building on success after success.

Over the years Architects Pacific has employed staff of many different nationalities. Some studio people are now second generation; others have been a continual member of the Architects Pacific team for more than 30 years.

Of paramount importance is working in close collaboration with the client. Architects Pacific use their studio workshops to involve clients in every step of the project: from conception, design stages and detailed design through to final sign off. In Architects Pacific’s experience, if the client is a valued, integral member of the design team then the finished product always fulfils expectations.

Making best use of modern technology and communication advancement, Architects Pacific have successfully eroded the physical boundaries of the South Pacific and Oceania. With a multitude of clients across the region, including China and Nepal; from the client’s perspective there is no difference whether they are dealing with our Fiji or New Zealand Studios.

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Posted By Architects Pacific Ltd. / April 13, 2024

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