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Avondale Window Treatments – Blinds Shades Shutters Window Pros is your premier window treatment source for Avondale Arizona. We specialize in custom curtains, drapery, shades, blinds, and shutters. Window Pros is unmatched in creative solutions for decorating window interiors in your home or office. Window Pros has earned its reputation for impeccable workmanship and exceptional value. We offer affordable elegance, on-time delivery, and installation finished to perfection. We listen to our clients and form a creative bond. Together we turn great ideas into fabulous and spectacular windows. We are committed to creating the perfect custom design, tailored made to reflect your style and preference, which will be widely admired for years to come.

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Gary Fielder 5
June 29, 2021 11:13 am

I had a lot of trouble with my windows and I was frustrated when all the other companies said they c ... ouldn't help me. But then, someone recommended that I call Avondale Blinds & Shutters for their window decorating services! They were so nice on the phone and even came to meet at my home in person to discuss what we could do. After coming up with some plans, it didn't take long until they started working hard right away - every day from 9 AM-6 PM or later if necessary! It's been such an exciting project because now everything is just perfect again: no more dust mites crawling around inside our house while we sleep; nothing getting into places where you don't want them anymore; colder air conditioning bills. Read more

Michael Demoss 4
June 29, 2021 11:06 am

I like their services. But there are chances to improve for giving service. Avondale Blinds & Shutte ... rs is a company that helps people by providing quality window treatments; they're good at what they do and professional too! I have taken advantage of the great offers from this family-owned business, so if you need anything done in your home or office windows be sure to give them a call now - just don't forget it's only through December 31st! Read more

Wendy Clay 5
June 29, 2021 11:04 am

Avondale Blinds & Shutters is a company that provides decorating window interiors services. They hel ... p people by giving them professional and good quality service through their excellent workmanship of installing blinds, shutters, drapes etc on the windows to enhance your house's look. I have taken their service once before for my home; they are very helpful in guiding me with what type of product will be best suited for my needs and also how our budget can accommodate it as well! Read more

Stephen Harris 5
June 29, 2021 10:56 am

I like their services, but there are opportunities to improve for giving them. Avondale Blinds & Shu ... tters is a decorating window interiors service company that helps people by providing their services. I have taken theirs and they're good and professional! Read more

Katie Porter 5
June 29, 2021 10:54 am

Proudly as I walk down the street, people are looking at me with envy as they see my beautiful windo ... w treatments. Over time Avondale Blinds & Shutters has become an integral part of many homes and businesses in our small town near Atlanta GA. They have been dressing windows for decades now and their level of expertise is unmatched by any other company that offers similar services in this area! Read more

Helen McNutt 4
June 29, 2021 10:37 am

I had a great experience with Avondale Blinds & Shutters. They are professional and do beautiful wor ... k! Read more

David Duncan 5
June 29, 2021 10:35 am

I like Avondale Blinds & Shutters and I think they deserve five stars. They are fast, affordable, an ... d responsible for their customers' needs as if it was theirs. Read more

Theo Akin 5
June 29, 2021 10:25 am

Avondale Blinds & Shutters is a decorating window interiors service company that helps people by giv ... ing their services. If you're looking for the best in class, then look no further! I have taken their services and can attest to excellent service quality with competitive prices. Read more

Robert Kane 4
June 29, 2021 10:22 am

I found a company that I really enjoy doing business with. They have helped me transform my house fr ... om drab to fab in no time at all! Avondale Blinds & Shutters is the best window installation service in town and they always do everything so quickly, giving you more free time for other things. Read more

Jerome Salvador 5
June 28, 2021 8:07 pm

I like their services, but I think they can improve. Avondale Blinds & Shutters is a decorating wind ... ow interiors service company that helps people by giving them professional and good services. They have helped me out with my windows before, so if you need anything done to your curtains or draperies then give these guys a call! Read more

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