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The origin of the hospital can be traced back to the work of the Church of England Zenana Mission. The Missionaries started work among the local Muslim women and children. The need to cater to the health needs of these women by only lady medical personnel was very necessary as these women were not allowed to be treated by male medical personnel. When the demand for medical help grew, the missionaries thought of deputing a lady doctor to cater to their needs. Before sending a full time doctor the local missionary Miss. A. M. S. Smith was asked to procure a suitable site. The present site was acquired in the year 1893. The Bishop of Madras, under whose territorial jurisdiction the work of the Zenana Mission in Bangalore came under, laid the foundation stone for the construction of a Hospital on 30th October 1893 and christened the hospital as Gosha Hospital. The building was completed and declared open on 31st October 1895 by the then Bishop of Madras. Initially the hospital was established specifically to serve the Muslim women and children of the surrounding area. Dr. Miss. Lillington was the first medical officer from the Church of England Zenana Mission. It was only in the year 1965 that the hospital was thrown open to cater to the medical needs of men and thus became a General Hospital. The present building consisting of 200 beds and well-equipped modern amenities was inaugurated in the year 1978.

The Union of Churches brought in the formation of the Church of South India in the year 1947. With this the hospital came under the jurisdiction of the then Bishop of Mysore and the management of the Hospital was transferred to the erstwhile Mysore Diocese. With the trifurcation of the Mysore Diocese in the year 1970, the Hospital came under the Karnataka Central Diocese.


Present Status:
The hospital now is a 220 bedded multispecialty facility, catering to the health needs of people in the surrounding areas. Being a multi-specialty Hospital it also serves as a secondary and in some super-specialities like Nephrology and Cardiology are offering tertiary level care with a full fledged Dialysis unit, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and a 20 bed ICUs for cardiac, medical and surgical intensive care.

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