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You may have started trading business thinking thousands of dollars in your account right away. You hope for one good deal that will bring you riches quickly and easily. And that you can multiply small capital into wealth. Well, if these are some of your thoughts, that's fine. But don't fall into the trap of opening lots of trades only to recover losses or earn high profits in one day. This is a mistake that not only beginners make. Professionals sometimes do it too. There are emotions behind such decisions. Emotions tell you to enter the market again and again, even if you know the situation isn't very favorable. So the question is when is the right time to stop trading for today? Spending long hours in front of the computer can be tiring. Monitoring price movements, waiting for signals from indicators, and following their own trades requires a lot of attention. And when you're tired, you can't think straight. This is why you should learn the skill of saying this enough for today. When you only focus on getting high profits, but you experience loss after loss, you may feel frustrated, scared, and anxious. But these emotions are bad advisers. In the same way, greed, overconfidence, stubbornness, or excitement won't do your performance any good. You have to understand yourself first. Know your reactions, your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you avoid losses.

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Posted By Daftar Quotex / February 22, 2024

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