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Dessange Paris Muscat

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Being a woman, and a woman of the 21st century at that, is no feat too easy to uphold in the demanding, ubiquitous and very fast paced world of today. Be it a young professional, a mother, the single lady, or the soon to wed bride, there is one thing that unites all women and pays homage to their inborne grace and feminine instinct: beauty. And where there is beauty and femininity, and the desire to pamper all things delicate, there is Dessange Paris, France’s ultra-luxurious beauty destination that has brought in its glamour to Muscat.

Step in and be taken away on a whirlwind of luxury and comfort right from the moment that you set foot into Dessange’s reception. Chandelier lit, you’ll be walked into one of the many Golden Hammams filled with soft clouds of steam to be scrubbed and polished with exotic Arabian herbs to emerge as fair and pure as a newly blossomed lily. You’ll then be led into the pearl white Beauty Room where you’ll be subject to lavish ministrations of French Candle Cocooning that will put you in a blissful slumber only to wake up with your body feeling silken smooth and supple.

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Posted By Dessange Paris Muscat / January 23, 2023

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