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About Us

Vision for Drik

To bring positive link through the professional and effective use of multimedia communication in all areas.


Mission statement

To operate a world class multimedia company which delivers products & services globally, fully meeting our customer needs and is shaped by our ethical agenda.


Our Goal

To ‘build a financially sustainable, socially responsible multimedia organisation’.


Organisational Strategy


Our strategy and business model drive our operations, supported at all times by good corporate governance. The strength of our people and brands; the innovations that help differentiate our products; our agile and responsible service; our brand and innovation – these all will contribute to the revenue growth that helps build our value.


Our overall strategy is to maintain and grow our social engagement  through a market focused, customer excellence program.

In short, we will fund our social agenda by generating revenues from the market, through a range of commercial activities and remove dependency’s on any form of external funding


Core Values and Behaviors



We affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of valuable clients,   partners and team members

    • Treat all human beings with empathy and fairness.
    • Solicit diverse opinions in decision-making processes.
    • We promote and embrace minority and gender rights



We act consistently with Drik`s mission, being honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions

    • Use good judgment in protecting Drik`s good name.
    • Ensure transparent stewardship of Drik`s financial resources.
    • Deal fairly, truthfully and constructively in all transactions with all team members, clients and partners.



We work together effectively to serve the larger community

    • Promote teamwork across boundaries within Drik.
    • Seek participation at every level we work.
    • Develop strategic partnerships and alliances.



We constantly challenge ourselves to the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve greater impact

    • We learn from others and ourselves.
    • We are responsible for the most effective applications of our resources.
    • We promote innovation.



We do not disclose or use corporate techniques and information outside our work place, even if we leave the organisation, as it diminishes our competitive advantage

    • We use company guidelines and our judgment to understand what is confidential.
    • We are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of information and processes from external audiences.
    • We ensure proper storage and lock up during and after work.


Financial Sustainability

Key to Drik’s agenda is its ability to sustain itself in a competitive industry

    • Customer needs (whether they belong to own Department or not) are treated as a priority.
    • Team member recognize the importance of visiting potential clients and generating market demand.
    • Financially self-sufficient, technically competent and generating its own market demand.



Drik seeks to entrust its team members, particularly “frontline” team members who are closest to our customers, with more autonomy and decision-making power

    • All team members must adhere to the highest standards of professional behaviour in their dealings Team members should not be afraid to make decisions by exercising their sound judgment on issues for which there are no explicit rules.
    • Team members are allowed the opportunity to shape Drik and their own future.



All team members are encouraged to identify how they can become more effective stewards of Drik`s and this world’s resources

    • Team members are encouraged to contribute to greater organizational cost-effectiveness and overall sustainability
    • Team members weigh multiple options in using resources and take the most appropriate action.
    • Team members, keep in mind the best interest of the organization and its impact on the environment.



In both internal matters and external relations, those who have access to information are expected to be open, sharing it freely and generously with others

    • All team members will be transparent in hiring processes (both internal and among partners) and reveal any relatives/close friends to avoid nepotism.
    • Managers will create an environment where team members can express opinions or report impropriety  freely and without any fear.
    • Team members will not use knowledge as a source of power over others.


Enabling/Learning Environment

On-the-job learning will be seen as a process that continues throughout an entire career

    • Team members are not afraid to make mistakes.
    • Teamwork and team spirit are encouraged.
    • On-the-job training is promoted and valued.


Gender and Diversity

We believe that each person, by virtue of his or her particular context and qualities, has a unique identity and combination of aspirations and abilities

    • Men and women team members value each other, and with respect.
    • The perspectives of individuals of diverse background and experience are sought and used.
    • Team members show respect to other team members, clients, partners irrespective of ethnicity, gender, religion, class or place of origin.



Team members are encouraged to identify first with Drik and to its mission, vision and core values, and then to their particular department

  • Team members should see the ‘greater good’ for Drik, rather than what is good for their Department only.
  • Team members should assist other Departments first, even if it means moving resources from their own Department.
  • Team members are always encouraged to settle any debates, differing points of view internally and present ‘one view’ of Drik to an external audience.



Drik wishes all team members to act as ‘self-leaders’, who will do their task to the best of their ability, act as role models and develop themselves

    • Team members are expected to be experts in their roles and at the same time know enough about other Departments and roles to be able to lead teams.
    • We follow the ‘T model’, where the head of the T represents ‘breadth’ of knowledge and the stem of the T, the ‘depth’ of specialization in a particular area.
    • Team members are always encouraged to settle any debates, differing points of view internally and present ‘one view’ of Drik to an external audience.


Policy of Drik

Drik believes in the power of culture and promotes cultural diversity with an emphasis on visual medium. Its emphasis on photography relies on the power of the medium to validate history and its ability to create a powerful emotional response, thereby influencing public opinion. Drik’s broader practice, utilizing the entire gamut of visual culture, is inclusive, but positively promotes majority world practitioners. There is a commitment to participatory production and the involvement of women, youth and marginalized communities.

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