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e-Business today has embodied an electronic transformation of our culture. This transformation has emerged in the use of technology, which has become pervasive throughout our daily life. One of the problems that this use of technology has brought to us is the user unfriendliness that is often its byproduct. One of the latest trends has been to enable users to utilize technology more effectively, with less hassle and to make technology transparent in its use. Intrigued by the communication and language barriers that would prevent e-business from flourishing, EBSS decided to invent a software technology to overcome the situation. There are over 6,000 languages spoken today in 288 countries. EBSS set out to builder software engine that could easily and quickly facilitate the use of these languages e-business environments. EBSS subsequently introduced a product at a March 2010international exhibition to enthusiastic crowds that waited in long lines to Seelie demonstrations of their technology. The result has been an overwhelming success. EBSS's new technology has resulted in several new products that are destined to transform the degree to which international users utilize e-business. EBSS's focuses to extend this technology beyond language and geographical boundaries, allowing anyone to participate, be connected to, and effectively utilize the global e-business community. EBSS has subsequently positioned itself as a dynamic, exciting, growth-oriented software company that designs and develops software focused on making user environments easier and friendlier to use. Today, EBSS's suite of products supports the same functionality in multiple languages. EBSS's focus is to make cross-language communication the defector standard for the future of e-business.

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Posted By e-Business Soft Solution / April 14, 2024

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