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Founded by one of New Zealand’s largest privately-owned hotel groups, CPG Hotels will launch its boutique brand with the opening of Hotel Fitzroy, Curated by Fable. This handsome two-storey villa is luxuriously designed, featuring ten guest rooms and a library where guests can relax, read, or enjoy an evening nightcap. The hotel will open in Auckland’s Ponsonby-Grey Lynn suburb on the 31st of August 2020, and Fable is already open for booking from September. Hotel Fitzroy is just the first in Fable’s stunning collection of boutique hotels soon to be erected across the country. To further differentiate properties, Fable is releasing two sub-categories to compliment the core offering that will cater to different parts of the market. The first sub-category, Curated by Fable, offers a small-scale collection of properties for guests who wish to be immersed in a personalised and attentively hosted, high-end experience. Hotel Fitzroy will be the first established hotel within this category. The second sub-category to be released, STAY by Fable, offers a refreshing twist on boutique luxury, providing the perfect accommodation offers for guests who prefer a little more modern independence and digital service. Fable seeks to create exceptional 5-star hotel stays that will transform guests’ experiences into unforgettable memories. They do so by celebrating the unique and the local within each location, paying homage to New Zealand’s rich heritage through refined dining, artful design features, and outstanding hotel services. Explore Fable’s luxury hotel offers online and book your stay with Hotel Fitzroy by visiting the Fable website today!

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Posted By Fable Christchurch / April 15, 2024

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