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Gazi Group was established in 1974. The Group is one of the leading business houses of the country’s rubber and plastic sector(s) in Bangladesh.

Gazi group is one of the renowned groups of the country having strong footprint in Manufacturing, Trading, Distribution, ICT, Communication, Real Estate, Banking, Insurance, and Media Businesses over the last 3 decades. Gazi group and its Strategic Business Units have been in operation successfully for the last 35 years.

Gazi Tyres (Manufacturer and Distributor of Tyres of Commercial and Non-commercial Vehicles) is the oldest member of Gazi Group.Tyre industry of Bangladesh has been expanded in recent years. Although Bangladesh does not have enough raw materials such as carbon, rubber, chemical and yarn for making tyres, it is still a good segment to capture as the country has a growing market for cross-ply tyres. Side by side with the foreign companies, local companies like Gazi tyres have moved to make tyres for long-haul buses and trucks, a sector that is dominated by imports. Gazi tyre, a concern of Gazi Group, is the first to make large tyres for the rapidly growing transport sector. Gazi Tyres is making light automotive tyres, taking advantage of a surging market that fully relied on imports a decade ago.

Gazi Tyres manufacture wide range of tyres like Truck Bus Tyres, Light Commercial Vehicle Tyre, Agriculture Tyre, Motor cycle Tyre, Auto rickshaws and Cycle Tyre.

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Posted By Gazi Auto Tyres Factory / October 8, 2021

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