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About US (Global) Established in 1996, Global is a leading multinational firm offering residence and citizenship solutions to U/HNWIs globally. Our highly experienced team of over 20 professional in-house lawyers and qualified agents serve our global clients from 7 offices worldwide, offering 13 different programs. The expertise acquired over 25 years of business in the industry enables GLOBAL to provide a complete, bespoke, and efficient management of the application procedure. Our expertise is recognized by many governments internationally as we help them create new programs and audit existing programs. We strongly support the promotion and sustainable development of the industry and the local economy. GICG collaborates with many legal firms and immigration advisors globally to provide guidance and advice on residence and citizenship matters, ensuring a professional and efficient collaboration on both sides. Through its successful partnerships, GICG offers the substantial expertise of a well-established local firm, supporting the investment journey each step of the way. Citizenship and Residency: Citizenship and Residency are similar in that they allow a person to live in a country. However, there are some critical differences between the two statuses. Citizenship is the status that allows a person to have full legal rights in their country of residence. This includes the right to vote, receive public benefits, join political organizations, travel freely, and work without restrictions. It also gives them specific responsibilities, such as paying taxes and obeying laws. You can also grant citizenship to children for the rest of their lives. Residency is a legal document that allows a person to stay in a country for a specific period of years. The number of years varies according to the laws of the host country and the Residency. The holder must renew it regularly for its continued validity. The residence permit allows its holder to enter the country anytime, buy real estate, and obtain health insurance. And enroll his children in school. And suppose you are a holder of a residence permit in one of the European Union countries. In that case, you can visit other Schengen countries without a visa for up to 90 days. However, the residence holder does not have political rights in the country, such as his right to vote. There are two types of residencies: The first is temporary residence: which gives the individual the right to reside in the country for a limited period, with the possibility of renewing it following the policies and regulations of the government. The second type is permanent residence: which gives you the right to reside in a particular country for a longer period (extending for years), and the duration of living varies, as we mentioned previously, from one country to another, as Residency may enable you to obtain citizenship. Residency and citizenship solutions provided by Global:

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