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Hawke’s Bay Refrigeration 2005

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About Us

Our Team

Our company has a staff of over 30 people. Some of our key members are:


Shayne Murphy who is the company’s chief executive officer. Our goal is to provide all our clients with a personalised service, where we talk, ask and listen to client’s requirements. Shayne has years of experience in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning using innovative and high tech equipment to provide a quality design.

Scott Klem is our Service Manager who is hands-on with the team of service engineers, tradesmen and apprentices. He works hard to ensure quality and efficient workmanship is maintained. He ensures we have the right people, with the right skills and the proper tools, in the right quantity at the right time. It also means ensuring that they know what needs to be done, when, and how.

Struan Mockford is our trusted sales engineer. Struan sole focus is on heat pumps, he prides himself on being able to recommend the right heat pump for you. Correct sizing is crucial to ensuring optimal comfort level. We are dealers for the trusted and reliable brands Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Fujitsu.

Mike McIvor is our Key Accounts Manager, who also heads our Industrial Refrigeration Team. He is a Registered Independent Qualified Person (IQP) for Building Warranty of Fitness (BWOF) Certification. Mike’s team specialises in:

  • Winery Refrigeration
  • Meat Plant Refrigeration and ventilation
  • Process Refrigeration and ventilation
  • Apple and fruit Stores
  • Ammonia Refrigeration
  • Building Warrant of Fitness

The rest of our team is made up of approximately 20 hard-working refrigeration engineers, installation technicians and apprentices.

In the office we have a wonderful team in who in the background keep the day to day operation running and the work flowing through.

Refrigeration Air Conditioning Companies Association (R.A.C.C.A)

Hawke’s Bay Refrigeration Ltd is an active member of R.A.C.C.A as well as the IRHACE. As of the 30th June 2011 the two will amalgamate and be recognized as the “Climate control Companies Association” – the CCCA. This organisations work together to promote, control and steer the refrigeration industry.

Hawke’s Bay Refrigeration (2005) Limited is a Hawke’s Bay owned and operated company specializing in all aspects of Domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration.

We design and install refrigeration and air conditioning systems, and provide maintenance and service contracts to suit our client’s requirements.

Our company provides a wide range of industries, from office and home air conditioning, to orchard cool stores, controlled atmosphere rooms, and even winery refrigeration systems.

Our Awards

Tony Barnard Award – 1999


The New Zealand National Committee of the International Institute of Refrigeration in conjunction with the sponsors, the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand (ECNZ) and APV (NZ) Ltd, is proud to announce that the winner of the 1999 Technology by a Young Person is: Shayne Murphy

The Tony Barnard Award is awarded biannually to a person under 40 years old judged to have made a significant contribution to research and development in refrigeration in New Zealand in recent years. The prize is named after Tony Barnard, who in both United Kingdom and New Zealand, and is intended to acknowledge all those who recognise that the future of the industry depends on the skill and dedication of the coming generation of refrigeration engineers.

Shayne has been co-owner of Hawke’s Bay Refrigeration Limited since the demise of Supercool Refrigeration. Shayne’s work has been characterised by both his willingness to try new ideas rather than always following conventional wisdom, and his determination to make the new ideas work effectively for the customer. Two particular examples stand out.

First, in association with Whakatu Coldstores, he was among the first in New Zealand after the Apple and Pear Board to successfully install glycol chillers to provide the accurate temperature control for fruit controlled atmosphere (CA) stores. This followed earlier installations where he was one of the first to use a combination of the then new electronic expansion valves and evaporator pressure regulation valves to give tight temperature control in CA stores. Hawke’s Bay Refrigeration Limited remains heavily involved in installing and servicing CA facilities including the specialised maintenance of CA shipping containers.

Second, in association with Progressive Meats, he installed and commissioned the first full-scale reverse air flow carcass chillers in New Zealand (air flows from floor to ceiling). In this case, he took what was only a concept proposed by MIRINZ and turned it into a successful reality that has now been successfully repeated 4 times.

The combination of Shayne’s ongoing management of a successful refrigeration contracting company and his willingness to operate slightly “outside the envelope” to benefit his customers means that his award is well deserved.

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