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Founded in 1979, the trade monthly Indian Printer and Publisher reaches publishing and print professionals in South Asia. It covers the commercial, publication, digital printing and signage industries.

“Our organizational vision is to be a reliable, sustainable and timely information and technology communication and connection platform for all the stakeholders in the printing and packaging industry.”

Our online platform www.indianprinterpublisher.com is the leading information provider on latest technology developments, innovative applications, government policies and issues confronting the end users. The portal’s objective is to disseminate knowledge to all stakeholders through education, training, research, consultancy and media services.

Indian Printer and Publisher is the subcontinent’s original and coherent window to technology. It reaches most of the leaders of the industry. We give the readers real insight into the industry as they get something valuable, credible and worthwhile from us, each time, every time. Because we fulfill this commitment issue after issue, year after year, we enjoy a wide, loyal readership. And we enjoy strong and long-term relationships with our advertisers too.

Ours is the highest circulated printing trade magazine in India, bar none. We are aiming to reach an average monthly circulation of over 7500 copies over the next year, combining a dynamic mix of publishersprinters, designers, print buyers, consultants, educational institutions, advertising agencies, manufacturers, suppliers and dealers all over the subcontinent.

From small industrial clusters to large metros, we land on the desks of over 500 print buyers, 3,000 medium and large units and over 3,000 smaller units in all corners of the Asian sub-continent where no other trade or technical publication reaches. Our tech savvy editorial content has earned us the power to influence, add credibility and enhance your marketing effort.

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