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J. HAWK SECURITY was established in 2008. It has grown to be one of the significant players within the security industry in Goa. The company mission is to exceed expectations by contributing to our clients’ specific and custom needs by delivering the highest quality of services available in this sector. Over the years it has achieved industry leadership by providing consistent excellence. We currently service the following market segments: Commercial Retail Industrial Residential Hospitality Individual Entertainment Banking Schools Higher Education CORE VALUES: To conduct our business activities with Integrity, Honesty and Respect. Put our business partners first and build long term partnerships. Work closely to address our client’s needs to create unique security solutions. Provide a reliable and cost-effective service. CORE SERVICES PROVIDED: Security Guards – We provide both armed guards as well as general security guards. Specialising in all sectors including Banking, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Hospitality, Educational, Entertainment etc. We provide well-trained industry-appropriate personnel who will contribute to the enhancement of our business partner’s image. Venue Security -- Our innovative strategies, systems and secure preferred network ensure our competitive advantage for services ranging from small, medium and national events. Conflict Resolution Officers -- Trained and qualified personnel utilised for events, crowd control, venue security and hospitality, to observe and eliminate conflict scenarios prior to security risk situation.

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Posted By J Hawk Security / May 19, 2022

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