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Our philosophy…

In 10 years, there will be no such thing as accountants. The technology and innovation evolution is enabling all business people to serve themselves. This evolution is fast, but at Maisey Harris & Co, we’re faster.

At MHCO we believe in putting the pedal to the metal, rolling up our sleeves and getting you beyond your end goal. We like to be in the engine room because that is where we have impact, that is where we can challenge you, support you and make you better.

We empower our clients to succeed.

Who we are…

From the moment a potential client is inspired to reach out to us, we are there for them. We engage with them, giving them timely, relevant and appropriate information for their business.

Our team is on a mission

We are a collective organisation that seeks to bring our client success in their business with our energy, our expertise and our vast connections across a range of disciplines.

What we do…

We are a 100% Xero business. This allows us to be super efficient when completing your tax needs and this drives more capacity towards spending time focusing on the things that actually add value to your business. We help business owners like you achieve their goals and realise their true potential.

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Posted By Maisey Harris & Co / May 25, 2022

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