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Qamodo is full-fledged project management software. It helps you in project cost management, earned value, enterprise resource planning, online team task tracking & management solution. Project Management Leverage up-to-date technological resources and take your project management to a whole new level. With our range of software solutions, you can: . Project timeliness accurately. . Plan and achieve milestones as a team. . Monitor and track key aspects of projects like your progress, projected budget, and needed resources Services . project management software . project budgeting software . team task management software. . marketing project management tools. . earned value management . online task management software Plan Project management tools are designed to be used in teams, and Qaomdo is no exception. Our service has all the basics you need for managing projects: team members, tasks, discussions, attachments, milestones and costs – everything from assigning tasks to individual people on your team or a group of people with different roles and responsibilities. Share project information across the organization and keep everyone on the same page with centralized planning. Planning is collaborative, flexible and always up to date as it’s done in real time. Tasks Plan, assign and track tasks with ease so they never miss a deadline or forget an important task again. Manage tasks with ease; set up projects and milestones with a timeline view that shows dependencies between tasks and subtask, insert action items and track resources and jobs completed. Team Management Setup your project team from the start and add as your progress. Track your resource assignments and schedule work for everyone. Easily manage resource responsibilities on a project, assign roles to team members with our flexible role-based permissions system, and keep up with progress in real time.

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Posted By Qamodo / December 5, 2022

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