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TBC is a limited liability government-owned corporation, specialized in Project Management. TBC launched its commercial activities in the beginnings of the second quarter of 2013.
TBC came to contribute to the development of the educational environment and to introduce a quantum leap in the field of educational projects in Saudi Arabia, to amount to the level of an ambitious leadership and aspirations of a noble nation in the various regions and provinces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Based on a noble royal decree, TBC has been assigned to run, manage, tender the Ministry of Education (MoE) projects of school buildings, educational facilities and administration buildings, to construct and supervise buildings and sign contracts related to such buildings, manage all engineering works, and to operate, maintain, and develop those buildings.
The Company specializes in supervising the design, implementation and construction of school buildings and all related facilities, including the provision of services starting from consultancy, administrative and planning services through maintenance, rehabilitation, repair and reconditioning, furniture, equipment, and ending up with renting, leasing, purchasing and selling of school buildings.

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Posted By Tatweer Buildings Company / September 17, 2021

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