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Do you feel like you want more out of life? Is there a greater desire and drive within that you’re not fully honoring? You’ve come to the right place. The Inspiration Bloc is a community of individuals sharing stories, messages and art that inspire your heart and mind to open up to your highest purpose and design. Inspiration is defined as the “immediate influence of God”. It means “to breathe into or upon.” We need inspiration just to live life. It’s present in the morning air as well as the moonlight. This is a meeting place for the inspired. That’s all that’s required. Bee Brown, the founder of The Inspiration Bloc learned at a very tender age that self- expression was something that he needed to do. Crashes in life tended to occur in his life when he was in an unsatisfying and uninspired phase. He is actually a teacher in that way, finding contentment in learning and sharing. He believes that while we humans don’t control the process of inspiration, we can choose to be inspired by God within communicating with the deepest parts of ourselves. And when we express what we draw, however it comes out, it will certainly impact others. And it is to be expected that some will despise the very thing that inspires others, it is to be understood that one can only control himself/herself and love everything else the same. Through the creativity of art in the form of words, illustrations, and all sorts of poetically provocative prose, we invite pros and those of all shapes, sizes and similar caveats to enjoy the elevation provided by what’s expressed on The Inspiration Bloc. We invite you to watch, read, hear and share your own stories!

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Posted By The Inspiration Bloc / May 20, 2022

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