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"Whimstay offers exclusive deals on vacation rentals. Book our vacation rentals: beach houses, cabins, condos & more. Get incredible last-minute deals on vacation rental properties that are available in the next 10 days. Hosts would rather rent to Whimstay travelers with up to 60% discounts than have the property vacant. Save money and time! Do you love getting exclusive deals on vacation rentals? Then Whimstay vacation rental properties are just for you. Whimstay offers exclusive deals (up to 60%) on vacation rentals. Find your perfect vacation home, beach houses, cabins, condos and save hundreds of dollars with every booking on the Whimstay app. Whimstay offers everything you need in a book your next vacation rentals: - Exclusive deals on last-minute vacation rentals up to 3 weeks in advance. - Easy access to gorgeous, pristine vacation homes through our advanced search and interactive map - Safety and confidence of professionally managed vacation homes - Filters by what is important to you: pet-friendly, ADA compliant, price and many more. - High-resolution photos and traveler reviews - Instant booking and secure payment with any major payment card in the Whimstay app - And if you are having any trouble at all, you can speak to our customer support representatives. We are here to help! Whimstay is also great for business travelers. Have an unexpected come up out of town? Maybe you decided, at the last minute, that you needed to attend a conference and the hotel is sold out. Your CFO will love you for choosing this money-saving option. Stay at a property that feels more like home with a kitchen, a living room, and the charm of a new city’s neighborhoods. Consider adding a night or two to the back end of your trip – without breaking the bank. Or maybe get a larger place and bring friends or family. The options are endless. So, whether you are planning your family vacation, a quick weekend getaway, or a business trip on a tight budget, book your next trip on Whimstay and save!!!"

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Posted By Whimstay Vacation Rental / September 25, 2022

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