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Can foreigner enter Malaysia now

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Yes, foreigner can enter in Malaysia now those have valid visa already. If visa of the passenger already expired can apply to visit in Malaysia for one month as tourist for renewal purpose. Applicant has to follow some rules of health ministry and my travel pass. Moreover, vaccination certificate from government and Covid test paper before taking a flight to Malaysia.
Malaysia airlines already started to take passenger and drop off. Malindo airlines also re-opened flights twice in a week. Passenger must download MySejahtera apps https://mysejahtera.malaysia.gov.my/intro/ before arrival and verify while reach in KLIA. There is some formalities need to follow as foreigner to enter Malaysia now, with patience as like check-up apps, all papers, wrist band, Covid test, immigration and finally quit from airport. There is another condition is passenger cannot use public transport unless have prior permission. They can use personal car or any friend can pick up if there is. 14 days quarantine must follow and at the day of 10 will have another Covid test to nearest government health care centre.
Anyway, tourist, can foreigner enter Malaysia now, visa holder must wait until next announcement is made from government. All hope, tourist might allow to visit in Malaysia from the month of November, December 2021. All foreigners must follow rules of quarantine as safety and might allow to enter in Malaysia soon.
You can apply for home quarantine through government link https://hso.moh.gov.my/outbreak-portal-public/eCovidPage. Applicants are notified by email within 2-3 days either approve or reject. If case of rejection, applicant can re-apply in another suitable place where no one is living in room. As demand of health ministry the quarantine place must be vacant, mean no one is there in the room and attach bath room is there and room is separate from other rooms. There must be no child, 60 years old guys in the house. Or else, a government quarantine place will be fixed for you to stay for 14 days with own cost.
Everyone can apply through My Travel Pass https://mtp.imi.gov.my/myTravelPass/main in prior of arrival permission. If your application is approved, there is no other restriction ahead to enter Malaysia as foreigner. A company must invite you while fill up a form in My Travel Pass through online. This is nothing but a company will allow you to come in sharing its incorporation number and business address.
Following conditions are applied on passenger who are coming now. I guess, the rules might be relaxed day by day if Covid situation is controlled by government in Malaysia and no new cases are found or affected by arrival passenger, foreigners. If you are coming as entrepreneurs might searching to register a company in Malaysia. https://www.sfconsultingbd.com/malaysia-foreign-company-registration-formation/company-registration-in-malaysia/

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