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Light House Beach Hut
Contact Details : Komar, 32500, Komar, Sri Lanka

+94 77 317 9594

[email protected]
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Run by Ranga, the reputed owner of the Beach Hut hotel in Arugam Bay, Lighthouse Beach Hut maintains a hospitable and comfortable environment that gives guests the complete freedom to savor their holiday to the fullest. A 30-minute (15km) drive from Arugam Bay, Lighthouse Beach Hutis ona large space of land, sheltering you from the hectic activity during the surf season on a typical holiday in Arugam Bay, while keeping the entertainment within reach.Only 8 cabanas are on the property to give guests enough space to be by themselves when they need to. Nestled in Lighthouse Point, close to the picturesque Komari Lagoon, Lighthouse Beach Hut is on a vast expanse of beach front and surrounded by small farms and lush foliage. With the relaxed pace of life and tropical environment, you’ll find your stress drifting away like leaves in the breeze. The design is as eco-friendly as possible: the rooms are built with mostly natural materials, solar panels are used to generate power, and produce harvested from the Lighthouse organic farm is used to prepare meals.

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