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National Association of Photographers-Sri Lanka (NAPSL)
Contact Details : 290 McCallum Rd, 01000, Colombo , Sri Lanka

+94 112 444 336

[email protected]
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Photographer, Landscape photographer, International image
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To be an excellent flock of image makes creating images beyond expressions!

National Association of Photographers - Sri Lanka (NAPSL) promotes photography as a creative image art and a profession of high caliber, by providing opportunities of learning, appreciation and sharing knowledge and experience, for all persons interested in photography

About us

In 1980 a small sparkling stream began flowing, with a tiny bunch of photo enthusiasts. They organized the first ever colour photographic exhibition in Sri Lanka in the very next year 1981.
The Association (NAPSL) then organized workshops, exhibitions, field trips instruction classes etc. for more enthusiasts in photography. The stream thus became of heavily flowing river full of members from all corners of this small island with lots of photo opportunities.
The photographic courses conducted by the NAPSL are recognized by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) of Sri Lanka. This speaks volumes on the work done by the NAPSL. The education given by the NAPSL is of such a high standard that, there is a lot of students who have made photography for a living and a paying hobby
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